The artists participating in our project are not sitting still during the pandemic. Léa Dant, the woman behind Théâtre du voyage intérieur, made a new performance during spring last year. Her street theater performance is called Youve Got A Message!.

This new performance is a mobile one, Madame Léa jumps on her bike to become the messenger during this pandemic. Dressed in flowers and lace, she carries a mysterious card game. The audience? A passerby on the street, someone from the neighbourhood or maybe even you!  

And then what? I'm a messenger and I connect people that don't necessarily know each other The Messenger then delivers the message created by the last person she just met. She reads it orally from a small flowery notebook and then asks its recipient: Do you also wish to address a message I will go deliver to someone for you?

We wont reveal too much because we hope you get to see this new performance as well. Its an interactive break, enchanting, imaginative Touching, fun and sensitive. To make us feel we are all unique and at the same time connected.

Léa Dant did a residency at Spoffin (The Netherlands) and Passage (Denmark) in 2019. She developed the performance Capital WOMEN, together with local women. Dant stages the intimate, as a mirror of humanity. Her performances are based on identity, her own and those of the performers. She invents processes for the performers, artists and workshop participants she accompanies. Curious how her residencies went? You can find her blog in the blog-section on this website.

She created her Company, le Théâtre du voyage intérieur in 1999 and 17 plays in France, Brazil, Denmark and the Netherlands. They all have in common non-conventional codes and offer an experience involving the audience members such as blindfolding the public, eating around a banquet, entering an inflated space, or visual dreamlike plays such as life-taking paintings.

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